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Hi Eero,

I just did a long play with soft-synth MIDI instead of HW MIDI and
was unable to trigger the freeze, so it may be something related to

And now that I think of, extra ESC etc key presses didn't anymore
happen, or at least were rarer (not sure, the play was through
several levels, at least on last level I don't remember getting

Tonight I played it for a while on a real Falcon, both in software/codec music replay mode and HW MIDI replay mode. I didn't get freezing (or random menus) during either session, despite trying!

After a while I did some extra tests waving the mouse around madly and pressing keys but nothing odd happened.

I was playing two-handed, one hand on arrow keys (move+strafe left/right) and one hand on mouse (mouselook, doors, shoot).

(FYI I had Falcon MIDI OUT connected to my PC running MIDI-OX and a SW synth)

So I don't really understand whats going on yet with your tests in Hatari. Does the 'special Hatari build' do the same sorts of strange things, or just the one built for HW?

I'll keep an eye on it anyway.


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