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I tried to run BM in the dev version of Hatari from Nov 11th, and found that I had to use MMU=off + 24bit addressing.

With 32bit addressing + MMU=on, Hatari crashes out while TOS is booting. By fiddling with prefetch/cycleaccurate I can get TOS to boot but the memory check reports 512k ram! So I probably can't reproduce this situation exactly without getting a new version of Hatari...

I just did a long play with soft-synth MIDI instead of HW MIDI and
was unable to trigger the freeze, so it may be something related to

And now that I think of, extra ESC etc key presses didn't anymore
happen, or at least were rarer (not sure, the play was through
several levels, at least on last level I don't remember getting

However the comment about MIDI is interesting. I started to wonder this myself since I haven't had it connected up for a while and haven't seen the problems you describe.

I also did a review of the recent changes and there is nothing touching the IKBD stuff. It's almost all 68060 and DSP fixes plus some extra tweaks and improvements. Nothing scary.

So its still a puzzle. May play with MIDI again later in the week to see what happens.

Yeah, it's late. Not debugging time :D



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