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Douglas' latest Bad Mood version [1] also requires
disabling cycle accurate mode, or the game doesn't start.

[1] bm030.ttp, with NatFeats enabled so that BM knows
    it's running under Hatari.

Then after playing for a while the Doom I level,
it freezes to this:
$0006dc28 : 46b8 9800     not.l     $ffff9800.w
$0006dc2c : 60fa          bra.s     $6dc28

Douglas, what BM is expecting to happen to the Falcon
palette register value?

I was able to reproduce this freeze both with and
without MMU being enabled, e.g:
hatari --machine falcon --tos tos404.img -s 14 --natfeats yes --fpu-type 68882 --cpu-exact no --mmu on --midi-out /dev/snd/midiC1D0 ./bm030.ttp

	- Eero

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