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Le 07/11/2015 16:56, Bob Carpenter a écrit :
> Jerome,
> When I moved all of your Frameworks that I do not use to ~/Library/Frameworks, I could run your Hatari build. 
> These are the instructions I use for Hatari to see its embedded Frameworks:
> Drag SDL.Framework from /Library/Frameworks to root level of Hatari Xcode project. Leave the Xcode defaults alone. To include the framework in the bundle, add "@loader_path/../Frameworks' to the Debug and Release options in the Runpath Search Paths. You find this section under Build Settings in the Linking section. Make sure the Hatari project is selected rather than any of the targets. Also, create a Copy Files build phase in the Hatari target. This is what actually copies the SDL.Framework to the Frameworks directory of the bundle.
> Edit: In Xcode 5 and later, I had to add the "@loader_path/../Frameworks" to the hatari target as well as the ALL_BUILD target in order for Hatari to see the embedded frameworks.
> Bob

I will see that. I do not use XCode anymore to build Hatari, as each
time something is changed (like building with or without SDL2), XCode
project porduced by CMake is messed up, and need that I redefine every
thing I changed in the project.

Plus I hate XCode since version 4.

I do not know if we can add to CMake a copy file phase and the
"@loader_path/../Frameworks" to aumtomate thing, either Troëd way or
full Frameworks way.

I think it should be possible.


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