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By popular request, I have compiled an updated version of Hatari for OS X. It is compiled with SDL2 and WinUAE CPU support. Here is the Dropbox link:

I have set the deployment target to 10.5 so I am hoping it will work for anyone with an Intel Mac that is running 10.5 or higher. Unfortunately, like the released version of 1.9.0, Power PC Macs are not supported. I downloaded the source from the repository at approximately 19:00 US Central time.

If you have not used this version, there are things to keep in mind (mainly related to SDL2 on OS X)
1. Do not use Cmd-F to enter full screen mode. SDL2 does not appear to have an option to turn off the system keyboard shortcuts so Cmd-F attempts to use OS X’s fullscreen mode which does not work with Hatari. Press F11 to enter fullscreen mode. As Jerome mentioned earlier, you will need to move the mouse to see Hatari’s screen in fullscreen if you are on the GEM desktop. If I booted a game disk first, I saw the game’s splash screen immediately in fullscreen mode.
2. The joystick does not appear to work correctly. In particular, the up and down directions do not appear to work. I am sure this is the fault of the OS X version of SDL 2.0.4 that is compiled into Hatari. The released version of 2.0.3 does not work with fullscreen mode at all. However, it also appears to have joystick problems.
3. The OS X preference menu does not work. I think I have to simply go into the NIB file and remove the system shortcut of Cmd-,. I think that is what I have done in the past to make the menu appear when this has happened.
4. If you select an Hatari menu item while music is playing, you will be stuck on that note until you leave the menu or answer the alert box.
I hope this build is useful.

Bob C

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