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On Fri, 11 Sep 2015, Troed Sångberg wrote:

Oh there's always the possibility that I forget something since these builds contain a lot of manual steps (I really should put some time into getting my build changes into the generated
Xcode project instead) but if so I'm sure someone will let us know .. ;)


thanks a bunch for the OS X binaries and great work on 1.9.0 (especially a nice surprise with Styckx SOTB intro!).

I've tried the OS X builds and they work fine (I'm on 10.10.5 quad i7 mbp). However, it looks to me that the Falcon build is from an older source revision, look at the screenshot:

It mentions devel-version from June 29. The normal Hatari looks proper.

And a little bug report: This is a known issue since before: The SDL interface doesn't show any characters. From 1.9.0 there are underlined for hotkeys, and these underlines does show. And finally, if the Falcon is put to truecolour mode, the SDL interface looks normal.

So I wonder if the palette of the SDL interface is simply wrong in Falcon bitplane modes, hence making the chars invisible.

SDL menu in Falcon bitplane mode:

SDL menu in Falcon truecolour mode:

And finally a question: For the next Hatari (v2?) is the Open GL rendering that Mikael Degerfält demonstrated earlier this year considered to be adopted officially? His work benefits hugely for OS X users.

Currently On high-DPI screens, Hatari skips frames like crazy if there's zoom enabled in Hatari. And without zoom, imagine a 320*200 ST window on a 2880*1800 15" screen :-)

With Mikaels Open GL test builds, Hatari flies and the window can be zoomed to anything without the machine breaking a sweat.

Thanks again for a great Hatari release.

Anders Eriksson

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