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On sunnuntai 13 syyskuu 2015, Anders Eriksson wrote:
> And a little bug report: This is a known issue since before:
> The SDL interface doesn't show any characters. From 1.9.0 there are
> underlined for hotkeys, and these underlines does show. And finally, if
> the Falcon is put to truecolour mode, the SDL interface looks normal.

That sounds peculiar.  AFAIK what Atari mode is being emulated
shouldn't affect SDL palette, unless you're starting Hatari itself
with 8 bpp mode (which is deprecated and going to be dropped at
some point).

> So I wonder if the palette of the SDL interface is simply wrong in Falcon
> bitplane modes, hence making the chars invisible.

Do any of these change anything:
- Selecting monocrome monitor instead of color one
- Starting hatari with different values for "--bpp" option (8, 16 and 32)

> And finally a question: For the next Hatari (v2?) is the Open GL
> rendering that Mikael Degerfält demonstrated earlier this year
> considered to be adopted officially?  His work benefits hugely for OS X
> users.
> Currently On high-DPI screens, Hatari skips frames like crazy if there's
> zoom enabled in Hatari. And without zoom, imagine a 320*200 ST window
> on a 2880*1800 15" screen :-)
> With Mikaels Open GL test builds, Hatari flies and the window can be
> zoomed to anything without the machine breaking a sweat.

Mikael hasn't posted the patch for review, so it's hard to say
about its inclusion, but I guess you should get main perf
improvement just by using SDL2 build of Hatari, if it uses
GL backend or you set SDL2 backend yourself to use GL:
	export SDL_RENDER_DRIVER=opengl

	- Eero

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