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Le 13/09/2015 11:43, Anders Eriksson a écrit :

And a little bug report: This is a known issue since before: The SDL
interface doesn't show any characters. From 1.9.0 there are underlined
for hotkeys, and these underlines does show. And finally, if the Falcon
is put to truecolour mode, the SDL interface looks normal.

So I wonder if the palette of the SDL interface is simply wrong in
Falcon bitplane modes, hence making the chars invisible.

SDL menu in Falcon bitplane mode:

SDL menu in Falcon truecolour mode:


IIRC I already saw some similar color issue of the SDL interface with falcon mode under linux (I think it's often when restoring a memory snapshot), but it looked rather random. But maybe that's a more general issue in Hatari, not OSX/SDL related.


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