Re: [hatari-devel] One St demo that crash

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Le 06/07/2015 23:51, Laurent Sallafranque a écrit :
 > But I really suggest turning this option off (which is the case by
default in Hatari) and to turn it on only in specific cases where

I agree for this one, but shouldn't blitter and DSP be set off when I
select TOS 1.04 ?
  and only DSP should in case I select TOS 1.62 ROM ?

it depends on your settings ; going to falcon mode will automatically enable blitter and dsp, so by default you should not enable blitter emulation and leave dsp to "none". This way, when you switch to falcon, they get enabled, but when you go back to STF, they are disabled (and if you go to STE, only dsp will be disabled).

Enabling these options means "force it even if the machine doesn't normally use it". This option is used if you want to emulated STF with a blitter for example, but for STE blitter will always be enabled, whatever your settings are.


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