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OK, I've managed to have it once, but I understand why it gives me some problems !

I always start hatari (winuae core) in falcon mode, blitter ON, DSP ON, FPU ON, ...

When I select tos 1.04fr, hatari tells me it's going to switch to 68000 ...

But if I have a look at the gui after the reset, I can see that :

- blitter is still activated (at least in the gui)
- DSP is still activated

If I launch the demo it still crash.

I remove the DSP, and cold reset, it still crash.
Then I remove the Blitter in the gui, it still crash
Then, I add "patch timer D", it still crash
Then I remove "boot faster by patching tos and sysvars : the demo works.


Le 06/07/2015 22:16, Nicolas Pomarède a écrit :
Le 06/07/2015 21:17, Laurent Sallafranque a écrit :

I wanted to listen some soundship music, so I downloaded the following :

It seems to crash (double bus/address error => Cpu halted) after the
intro (when I press space or when I wait to the end of the intro).

I've tested with hatari oldcpu 1.8 (ST and STE mode) , 1 Mo and 4 Mo

I've also tested with the latest release (same problem).

In case you didn't notice it before.


seems to work for me, I tested with winuae cpu :
 - prefetch
 - cycle exacy

it works with tos 1.04fr, 2 MB, STF mode ; and it works too with tos 1.62fr, STE mode, 2 MB.

Demo is running from gemdos HD.


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