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Here is my latest work on hatari, found some time to work on it.

Symply replace gui-osx folder with mine. Completly revamped System Pref
screen, added options for the WINUAE core.

NOT TESTED much more than launching it.

We need to have, all of us MacOsX users, the same Frameworks, it will be
- CAPSimage.framework: where to get the last one ? Or build a working
one ? I tried from sources I found somewhere, it build but do not work
then (error when building)
- libpng.framwork (made my own)
- libzip.framework (made my own)
- Ogg.framework (found somewhere)
- OpenAL.framework (found somewhere)
- PortAudio.framework (made my own ?)
- Readline.framework (made my own)
- SDL.framework (1.2.15, made my own
- SDL2.framework (from SDL site)
- Vorbis.framework (?)
- ... ?

All my frameworks are here:
 but CAPSImage do not work. Then using only these frameworks in cmake



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