Re: [hatari-devel] HDDriver issues with WinUAE CPU core (and with EmuTOS)

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Hi Eero,
> At the same time I noticed that new WinUAE core isn't compatible
> with HD Driver + IDE.

With Hatari I usually don't boot from drive images but start HDDRIVER
from the AUTO folder of my GEMDOS boot drive C. With the new core this has
worked fine for me for quite some time. Othewise I already would have
complained ;-).

I will send you the full version 9.04 of HDDRIVER in a separate email, even
though I don't think that it will behave differently from the demo of 9.02.
Maybe you can verify that there is a problem only when *booting* from IDE,
not when starting HDDRIVER later, e.g. from the AUTO folder of a GEMDOS
drive or manually.
I will check whether I also observe problems when booting from a disk
image later. But:

> With Old UAE CPU core it is recognized:

This means the actual problem is a Hatari regression, isn't it?

> That text is from ~5 years ago, from EmuTOS 0.8.x and
> older HD driver (and worse Hatari ACSI/IDE emulation).
> Unfortunately I don't anymore remember what problems
> there were.
> As to now... E.g. doing above IDE and ACSI tests results in:
> - HD DRIVER not being executed from ACSI image at boot

You mean IDE here, not ACSI, don't you?

> - EmuTOS seeing image contents regardless of that
> - double clicking on anything on the image, either immediately
>   or after running hddriver.prg from floppy image,
>   just giving error.
> > On first sight I did not find any problems, using EmuTOS 0.9.3.
> How did you use EmuTOS with HD driver?

I simply replaced my TOS 3.06 image file with the EmuTOS 0.9.3 image
file and enabled 24 bits addressing. (32 bit addressing does not seem to
work with EmuTOS.) The rest of my configuration remained unchanged. Then I
simply started Hatari and HDDRIVER correctly reports both IDE drives and I
can access them. HDDRUTIL also works, which means that HDDRIVER is fully
active as the SCSI Driver features are available.
Like before I started HDDRIVER.PRG from the AUTO folder of my GEMDOS boot
drive C.

By the way, the ST/TT RAM memory test still does not work. (This is an
issue I reported some time ago.) Have there been any changes in the meantime?
When I start Hatari without ST-RAM configured, then enter the UI,
configure 4 MB ST-RAM and 32 MB TT-RAM, and then reset Hatari. The
memory test bar for ST-RAM becomes endless (see screenshot) and Hatari
hangs forever.
With a real TT the bar just displays about 16 or so "-" characters for
ST-RAM, then the amount of ST-RAM in MB, and then in the next line the
results of the TT-RAM size are displayed.

Take care


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