Re: [hatari-devel] HDDriver issues with WinUAE CPU core (and with EmuTOS)

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On lauantai 10 tammikuu 2015, Uwe Seimet wrote:
> I will send you the full version 9.04 of HDDRIVER in a separate email,


Btw. How do I disable SCSI scanning from HDDRIVER?

It (still) takes ages with Hatari...

> even though I don't think that it will behave differently from the demo
> of 9.02. Maybe you can verify that there is a problem only when
> *booting* from IDE, not when starting HDDRIVER later, e.g. from the AUTO
> folder of a GEMDOS drive or manually.
> I will check whether I also observe problems when booting from a disk
> image later. But:
> > With Old UAE CPU core it is recognized:
> This means the actual problem is a Hatari regression, isn't it?

Yes, ST one.

(see my previous separate mail about WinUAE CPU core ST compatibility)

> > That text is from ~5 years ago, from EmuTOS 0.8.x and
> > older HD driver (and worse Hatari ACSI/IDE emulation).
> > Unfortunately I don't anymore remember what problems
> > there were.
> > 
> > As to now... E.g. doing above IDE and ACSI tests results in:
> > - HD DRIVER not being executed from ACSI image at boot
> You mean IDE here, not ACSI, don't you?

ACSI.  EmuTOS doesn't execute the HD driver even from ACSI.
Maybe because it is somewhat able to interpret the boot sector
and partition table, so it thinks that it doesn't need the driver.

I'll raise this on the EmuTOS mailing list.

> > - EmuTOS seeing image contents regardless of that
> > - double clicking on anything on the image, either immediately
> > 
> >   or after running hddriver.prg from floppy image,
> >   just giving error.
> >   
> > > On first sight I did not find any problems, using EmuTOS 0.9.3.
> > 
> > How did you use EmuTOS with HD driver?
> I simply replaced my TOS 3.06 image file with the EmuTOS 0.9.3 image
> file and enabled 24 bits addressing. (32 bit addressing does not seem to
> work with EmuTOS.) The rest of my configuration remained unchanged. Then
> I simply started Hatari and HDDRIVER correctly reports both IDE drives
> and I can access them. HDDRUTIL also works, which means that HDDRIVER is
> fully active as the SCSI Driver features are available.
> Like before I started HDDRIVER.PRG from the AUTO folder of my GEMDOS boot
> drive C.

Ok, this works fine.

I've commited a quick update to Hatari Manual:

	- Eero

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