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> From: Steven Elliott 
> Sent: Monday, August 11, 2014 6:24 AM
> I have developed a Windows front-end for Hatari (using VB6) that has a 
> nice gui for Hatari's settings. But it's main feature is that it puts a 
> graphic frame around Hatari's window that makes it appear as an old SC1224 
> monitor. This was done for nostalgic reasons of my own. However, other 
> people I know have expressed interested in it. What I would like to know 
> is if anybody can steer me into how to make this a cross-platform app, 
> like Hatari itself is.

SC1224 frame looks really nice. Native GUI was really missing in Hatari (at least in MS Win version).
In my opinion the Option window looks a bit overloaded - would be better to have it tabbed.
Also Option window could be activated via one (contrast/volume) of the SC1224 button 


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