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On 01/06/14 22:38, Bob Carpenter wrote:

I realized the compilation error is because of the code change from earlier today. I thought that the fact that I used an old Xcode project was the reason why the help files did not work in the latest compiled Hatari OS X version. However, I found out that I am not receiving the latest copy of CMakeLists.txt when I download the code from Mercurial. In the latest version, I see the code to create the HatariHelp directory and that should work. I am not sure why I am receiving the latest CMakeLists.txt file though. None of the code to create the HatariHelp folder under the English.lproj or French.lproj folders appears in the copy that I downloaded.
It work for me (although I had to clean everything (make clean), and I cannot see where in the XCode project generated are the copy ... ) . You should try to delete CMakeCache.txt and redo ./configure

Do you use cmake ?


Bob C

On Jun 1, 2014, at 1:58 PM, Jerome Vernet <vernet.jerome@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 01/06/14 20:45, Bob Carpenter wrote:
I made the mistake of using an earlier Xcode project file that I had already changed. When I downloaded the code again, regenerated the Xcode project file and attempted to compile it, I received a compilation error. The error said that Main_RequestQuit did not have the proper number of parameters. In every other instance except PrefsController.m, the call said Main_RequestQuit(0). It was simply Main_RequestQuit() in PrefsController. It appears this function changed from returning void to returning an integer value.

I changed PrefsController.m to return 0 and Hatari compiled again.
It's a change made earlier this day ;), not a consequence of your old project.


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