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Am Sun, 1 Jun 2014 08:05:55 -0500
schrieb Bob Carpenter <hatari@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> Thomas,
> The Tuxfamily error disappeared. The Hatari bundle compiles on OS X
> and Jerome’s changes are there. However, the help file is not
> included in the bundle. When I use the help menu, I get the default
> OS X Mavericks help. Looking in the bundle, the help files were not
> included.

How did you compile? Did you use the CMake generated project file? In
that case, you might need to regenerate it again with CMake before
recompiling, in case the build system is not smart enough to do this on
its own.

> Jerome also made some minor changes to paths.c to save the
> configuration files in ~/Library/Application Support/Hatari rather
> than .hatari. Since that is a standard file, could you show me how to
> create a patch file that you can either approve or reject?

I had a look at Jerome's patch, but that got pretty much messed up in
the e-mail (i.e. it does not apply with the "patch" program) and
contains a lot of unnecessary changes (changing C-comments to
C++-comments etc.). So a proper patch would be very much appreciated
If you're using mercurial, you can create a patch with
"hg diff > mydiff.patch", or if you've already committed it locally,
you can use "hg export".
If you want to do it without mercurial, you can create a patch by
diffing two files: diff -u file_before.c file.c > mydiff.patch


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