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Le 30/12/2013 17:50, Anders Eriksson a écrit :

Now that i tried that as well, it seems like I found a little bug or
rather little problem that hasn't been noticed before. As the final
screen have a few scanlines in ST-MEDIUM resolution, the window will
re-size (if you run it unzoomed in ST-LOW, like 416x288). The re-size
will be to 640x400 to fit the ST-MED. However, if there are graphics in
the borders (or rasters for that matter) it will be invisible. Maybe the
ST-MED zoom should follow the 416x288 border settings and do it 832x576?
In this particular demo you can see the problem if you start the demo
with unzoomed window and wait for the end part - the lower border
graphcis will dissapear.

Yes, mixing low res and med res in the same screen can give strange results when you want to adapt the final window size to fit best, there's no real easy solution for all cases.

The best solution I would see would be to do an internal rendering of the screen in a kind of approx 832x288, as would a normal crt, with double low res pixels on X axis, and singl med res pixels on X axis (this would allow to handle/mix med res overscan as well as low res overscan with the same buffer)

Then, map this internal rendering to the desired output window on screen (with possible crop+centering), where this window could be any width/eight, with some predefined x2 or x4 zoom settings for example.

This would give something very similar to the buttons you had at the rear of the CRT monitors, where you could center the image X or Y, and strech it on X or Y axis too.

That's my long term plan for internal video rendering in Hatari, but it's far to be done (or even started in fact :) )

For the moment, you can record the video and crop the bottom part with unneeded med res gfx.


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