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On Sun, 29 Dec 2013, Bob Carpenter wrote:

I just compiled the OS X version of Hatari. It compiled successfully for me. I compiled using the default generated Xcode project. I specifically removed
the IPF framework so I was compiling without IPF support.


it sounds easy enough. My first problem was that apparently cmake 2.8.4 made those SDK errors for 10.9. Upgraded to and at least now it produces both Xcode and Unix Makefiles.

Compiling the Xcode project fails in 64-bit mode. Switching to 32-bit it claimed to have built OK (although with 229 warnings). But it looks like the project is set to compile a debug version rather than release version. Changed that as well, and at last it built a binary and I can (hopefully) make a video of the Paradox demo :)

Now that i tried that as well, it seems like I found a little bug or rather little problem that hasn't been noticed before. As the final screen have a few scanlines in ST-MEDIUM resolution, the window will re-size (if you run it unzoomed in ST-LOW, like 416x288). The re-size will be to 640x400 to fit the ST-MED. However, if there are graphics in the borders (or rasters for that matter) it will be invisible. Maybe the ST-MED zoom should follow the 416x288 border settings and do it 832x576? In this particular demo you can see the problem if you start the demo with unzoomed window and wait for the end part - the lower border graphcis will dissapear.

Anyways thanks for the lower border fix!

Anders Eriksson

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