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There is a single line to add to make MacOsX Menu Shortcut working again (and still use the SDL Ones, except that those already mapped with Cocoa):
setenv ("SDL_ENABLEAPPEVENTS", "1", 1);
in SDLMain.m, in fucntion applicationDidFinishLaunching

Keystroke will be processed before by Cocoa then by SDL if not used by COCOA.
This, from SDL 1.2.8.

More over, the bug (hang) I have with the Falcon Mode (and wich ONLY happen in Falcon mode) is in the use of SDL_SetVideoMode(), in hostscreen.c. When a Flacon boot, it happen to change three time the resolution. The third time, something goes bad with SDL. fixing bpp to 8 do the job, but what are the side effect of bpp=8 ?


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