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Quick question...

How do I completely disable mousegrab / capture for a Hatari session?

I find that mousegrab remains off until some random point during use, after which it decides to capture the host mouse and never lets go. It might be an unfortunate keyboard shortcut but it happens so often I'm beginning to wonder if that's really true.

I also notice that other windows 'topped' above the Hatari window still don't release mousegrab (the mouse cycles within the window area, despite another application having priority - requiring keyboard shortcuts to cycle Hatari back to the top). The only thing which does release the mouse is hitting F12 for the menu. Closing the menu grabs the mouse again.

I don't mind mousegrab when I ask for it but this strange behaviour is quite frustrating while switching between host apps and Hatari (like into a text editor with source), esp. since I'm not sure what random event causes it to happen? 

Quitting Hatari solves the problem until it happens again. It could be something to do with cycling the top window or moving the window, etc. (?)

This is an older build from HG, prior to v1.7.0, but closer to 1.7.0 than 1.6.2... however the problem seems to happen with any version I have tried.


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