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On torstai 11 heinäkuu 2013, Bob Carpenter wrote:
> As I looked into the keyboard shortcuts a bit more, I did confirm that
> Cmd-M is the OS X standard shortcut for minimizing a window. I did not
> remember it since I do not normally use the keyboard to do that. Upon
> further investigation, I did not have any luck using the Hatari keyboard
> shortcuts for: Insert Disk A (Shift-Cmd-A), Insert Disk B (Shift-Cmd-B),
> Create blank floppy (Shift-Cmd-V), or Load Config (Cmd-O). The
> Shift-Cmd-A starts the video recording and Cmd-O brings up the F12 SDL
> menu. The other keys simply are passed to the ST and I hear the default
> clicking sound.

Hatari shortcuts are fully configurable from its configuration file.
Make sure that you don't have your own config that overrides the default

To investigate SDL keybindings, there are host and Atari programs
in Hatari src/keymap/ directory for this purpose:

> However, all of the options work if I select them from the menu. The
> video recording does not appear to work, but that could be the fact that
> I did not build Hatari with the libpng framework and Hatari does not
> find the libpng library that is part of the open source XQuartz project..

Hatari doesn't need libpng for recording video as it supports also
BMP (=uncompressed) data format.  When PNG support is compiled in,
you can choose BMP support with:
	--avi-vcodec bmp

	- Eero

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