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Le 11/07/2013 13:20, Bob Carpenter a écrit :

I only use the OS X version, but I assume these are OS X specific
shortcuts. I agree that there appears to be a keyboard mapping problem
in the OS X version.

Has the Cmakefile been changed yet to not include X11 when compiling for
OS X? It does not affect my personal compile because Cmake does not find
my XQuartz (open source successor to Apple's X11) but it does affect
Jerome's official version that is found at tuxfamily.

no, it has not be changed yet. For now, the simplest solution is to not install X11 before compiling Hatari, and the compilation should work, but without linking with X11.


Bob C

On Thursday, July 11, 2013, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:

    Le 11/07/2013 04:52, Bob Carpenter a écrit :

        As I looked into the keyboard shortcuts a bit more, I did
        confirm that
        Cmd-M is the OS X standard shortcut for minimizing a window. I
        did not
        remember it since I do not normally use the keyboard to do that..
        further investigation, I did not have any luck using the Hatari
        shortcuts for: Insert Disk A (Shift-Cmd-A), Insert Disk B
        Create blank floppy (Shift-Cmd-V), or Load Config (Cmd-O). The
        Shift-Cmd-A starts the video recording and Cmd-O brings up the
        F12 SDL
        menu. The other keys simply are passed to the ST and I hear the
        clicking sound.


    are those shortcuts OSX specific ? Because those are not the
    standard ones in Hatari : insert disk is alt+d , record/stop avi if
    alt+a,  fast forward is alt+x, ... See doc/manual.html

    It seems there's a shortcut mapping problem in the version you're
    using, but I can't investigate further, I don't have OSX.


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