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Le 11/07/2013 04:52, Bob Carpenter a écrit :
As I looked into the keyboard shortcuts a bit more, I did confirm that
Cmd-M is the OS X standard shortcut for minimizing a window. I did not
remember it since I do not normally use the keyboard to do that. Upon
further investigation, I did not have any luck using the Hatari keyboard
shortcuts for: Insert Disk A (Shift-Cmd-A), Insert Disk B (Shift-Cmd-B),
Create blank floppy (Shift-Cmd-V), or Load Config (Cmd-O). The
Shift-Cmd-A starts the video recording and Cmd-O brings up the F12 SDL
menu. The other keys simply are passed to the ST and I hear the default
clicking sound.


are those shortcuts OSX specific ? Because those are not the standard ones in Hatari : insert disk is alt+d , record/stop avi if alt+a, fast forward is alt+x, ... See doc/manual.html

It seems there's a shortcut mapping problem in the version you're using, but I can't investigate further, I don't have OSX.


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