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On 08/06/2013 23:54, Eero Tamminen wrote:

On sunnuntai 09 kesäkuu 2013, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
Yes, I confirm, booting my tos 1.02 520 STF without a floppy is also
very long.

Eero, I dont't see what you call "normal tos" ? Maybe more recent TOSes
(STE ones for example) booted faster when no disk was detected, but all
ST owners (who were mainly STF owners, as this was the most selling
model) certainly experimented slow boot without any disk in drive.

Or do you mean no floppy, but a HD used a main boot drive ?

No floppy [1], no HD [1], using options:
hatari --fastfdc off --fast-forward off --fast-boot off --tos tos102de.img

takes only few seconds with Hatari built from hg tip (old UAE core).

Well, I think that's an error in the fdc emulation that timeouts too soon when no disk is inserted (or an unformatted disk (but you can't do this with ST/MSA)). I should wait 1.6 sec for each read access when no disk is in drive, but at the moment I just returns immediatly with the appropriate error bit in the status register.

MY 520 STF takes 54 sec to boot to desktop when no disk is in drive, so maybe emutos checks the floppy in a different way, but it doesn't seem too much different from real ST if it takes 34 sec.

I'll take a look later to see how I can slow down the fdc when no disk is present ;) (it doesn't really matter for 1.7)

By the way, don't we miss an option to boot without an already configured gemdos HD drive ? I can't see it (only option is to press F12 and eject on gemdos drive).


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