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On sunnuntai 09 kesäkuu 2013, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> On 08/06/2013 23:54, Eero Tamminen wrote:
> > No floppy [1], no HD [1], using options:
> > hatari --fastfdc off --fast-forward off --fast-boot off --tos
> > tos102de.img
> > 
> > takes only few seconds with Hatari built from hg tip (old UAE core).
> Well, I think that's an error in the fdc emulation that timeouts too
> soon when no disk is inserted (or an unformatted disk (but you can't do
> this with ST/MSA)). I should wait 1.6 sec for each read access when no
> disk is in drive, but at the moment I just returns immediatly with the
> appropriate error bit in the status register.

Is there anything that breaks when it gets that error immediately
i.e. depends on that behavior?

> MY 520 STF takes 54 sec to boot to desktop when no disk is in drive, so
> maybe emutos checks the floppy in a different way, but it doesn't seem
> too much different from real ST if it takes 34 sec.
> I'll take a look later to see how I can slow down the fdc when no disk
> is present ;)  (it doesn't really matter for 1.7)

IMHO it would be nicer if you would investigate why EmuTOS is still
slow although it gets error immediately... :-)

> By the way, don't we miss an option to boot without an already
> configured gemdos HD drive ? I can't see it (only option is to press F12
> and eject on gemdos drive).

I added support for this:

Similarly to several other Hatari options, HD device is now disabled
when empty string is given:
	$ hatari -d ""

	- Eero

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