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On sunnuntai 09 kesäkuu 2013, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
> Yes, I confirm, booting my tos 1.02 520 STF without a floppy is also
> very long.
> Eero, I dont't see what you call "normal tos" ? Maybe more recent TOSes
> (STE ones for example) booted faster when no disk was detected, but all
> ST owners (who were mainly STF owners, as this was the most selling
> model) certainly experimented slow boot without any disk in drive.
> Or do you mean no floppy, but a HD used a main boot drive ?

No floppy [1], no HD [1], using options:
hatari --fastfdc off --fast-forward off --fast-boot off --tos tos102de.img

takes only few seconds with Hatari built from hg tip (old UAE core).

	- Eero

[1] Verified from Hatari options floppy & HD dialogs, after boot.

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