Re: [hatari-devel] WinUAE settings for different machine types

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On 21/05/2012 23:27, Nicolas Pomarède wrote:
On 21/05/2012 22:29, Eero Tamminen wrote:
This one (bCompatibleCpu) is a setting shared (in config file) with
old CPU.

I'm not sure I should touch it as old CPU settings don't touch it when
selecting Falcon mode. Nicolas?

in old cpu core, this uses m68k_run_1 instead of m68k_run_2.
m68k_run_1 is the more accurate version, with prefetch and better
exception/stack/cycles result.
In WinUAE core, it also set better/more accurate prefect mode.

I think many games' protection (or the games themselves) as well as many
demos won't work if bCompatibleCpu is not set.
I would recommend to set it to false only for TOS/GEM program that don't
expect a complete cpu emulation wrt to cycles and "exotic" features.

On the other hand, I don't think there's a really measurable impact when
setting this always to true (in my case, it's set to TRUE in my config

So, if this is needed for better falcon results, I think we should set
its defaut value to "TRUE" in configuration.c for all the machines.

IMO, we should have Hatari with some default settings that ensure
maximum accuracy (that is, the less possible troubles for a user who
just want to load a disk and don't care for the config options).
If the user later wants to use less cpu, that it will be up to him to
disable accurate options (cpu, lower sound freq, ...)


To complete this mail, I think we should set bCompatibleCpu=TRUE to default, but don't change it when the user change the machine type.

If the user really wants less accurate cpu, we should keep his choice, not force bCompatibleCpu to something elese (else it would complicated to force it to TRUE in falcon mode, restore it to TRUE or FALSE in ST mode ; it would require several variables for no real benefit).


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