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On 20.08.2015 00:21, Nuno Marques wrote:
Hi there, I want to ask the dev team what's the schedule and timeline
to push Tensors code to the main code of Eigen based on the
parameters I present on the issue. What's in stake is their usage on
critical and fail-safe system projects, as avionics, so it's
important to understand the current state of development, what's in
stake and what is needed so they can be used on this kind of

There is no fixed schedule for either releasing 3.3.0, nor for moving
the Tensor code from unsupported to the main part of Eigen (the latter
will certainly not happen before the first ...)

I haven't used the Tensor myself, so I can't say much about it's development state (Benoit Steiner might say something). However, I don't really see where you actually need tensors for your code, so maybe you should explain first what you actually need.

And as Godeffroy already answered, we can't really give you definitive guarantees on Eigen's stability or lack of (serious) bugs -- although we do our best, of course.

BTW: Please start a new thread for new questions (don't answer to unrelated questions with new topics)


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