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On 14.08.2015 at 16:45, Nuno Marques wrote:
Hi Christoph,

Thanks for the feedback.

 > Could you check if
 > before including Eigen works around that problem? There are some pending
 > refactorings on the vectorization logic, which should solve this issue
 > in the near future.

Yep that solved the problem. But then this a temporary solution right.
Are you planning to launch a fix in the near future.

The fix will be rather trivial, but I'd prefer having Gael first merge this pull request:

Please bear with the workaround for a short time.

 > Regarding the isfinite problem: Can you check if protecting all calls
 > and definitions of isfinite by braces solves the issue, as well?
 > I.e., replace
 > return numext::isfinite(numext::real(x)) &&
 > numext::isfinite(numext::imag(x));
 > by
 > return (numext::isfinite)(numext::real(x)) &&
 > (numext::isfinite)(numext::imag(x));
 > etc...

It partially solved the problem. Now I get:

This commit should solve the problem:


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