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On 18.03.2014 04:16, Benoit Steiner wrote:
Christoph, regarding bug
721<> is
looks like the compiler version has a lot more impact on the actual
performance of the code than the actual instruction set (at least for x86
cpus). Maybe in addition to focus on recent hardware we should also focus
our efforts on recent versions of the compilers to reduce the amount of
validation work needed to vet improvements?

Yes, I'm following your discussion on bugzilla. That's indeed bad, at least it is even to detect but I guess it gets very hard to work-around these compiler oddities. Have you tried if using -mtune=native or -march=native parameters helps avoiding this? Maybe newer GCC versions try to optimize for not yet mainstream CPUs? Though I'm losing more and more confidence that compilers are good at low-level optimizing ...

Furthermore, do you know this nice tool:
Unfortunately, it only analyzes architectures starting from Nehalem (and of course no AMD architectures ...) but it very nicely shows throughput and possible bottlenecks. It also shows that, e.g., between Nehalem and Haswell there can be a big throughput difference for the very same machine instructions.


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