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I started a fork over here:

It is working now for NMake and MSVC generators. You can

o run "ctest -D Experimental|Nightly"
o run "nmake Experimental|Nightly"
o build Experimental|Nighlty from the IDE

and tests will be compiled & submitted.

o improve the build string (I think we really should use the
compiler's version number)
o maybe I should distinguish between the MSVC IDE and NMake (e.g.
nmake(cl version number), msvc(cl version number))
o g++ related build strings need to be configured/implemented

Other than that I think we are fine. Maybe I could rename
"EigenTesting.cmake" to "EigenTestingScripts.cmake" because it is only
holding scripts right now. All the actual testing logic has been moved
to "EigenConfigureTesting.cmake". I thought things were getting a bit
too confusing and that a little modularization might help.

Here are some exemplary submissions (nmake (32/64 bit), msvc  (32/64 bit)).

- Hauke

On Sat, Feb 19, 2011 at 7:57 PM, Hauke Heibel
<hauke.heibel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I spend lots of time investigating the issue and found no solution. ;(
> Gael's patch does not help since "msbuild" does not allow to define
> multiple targets and the "all" target is always defined. So right now,
> building the test through the "Experimental" or "Nightly" targets does
> completely fail on msvc. In that regard, our previous solution was a
> bit better but it was a good idea and it works for make-file
> generators.
> I also investigated using the new "scripting" style of CMake. That's
> promising because it allows to do something like this
>  ctest_build(TARGET buildtests)
> which would use the target "buildtests" for running and building the tests.
> I even tried to alter the ctest command via
> ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/exp_suite.cmake)
> in order to be able to use the new scripting functionality to trigger
> building the correct target. Also a "fail" because the scripting
> requires me to specify whether we are running an "Experimental" or
> "Nightly" build and I cannot alter the CMAKE_CTEST_COMMAND per target.
> There seem to be only two solutions left ...
> 1) Reactivate the ALL target and include the tests.
> 2) Remove the DartConfiguration.tcl and allow dashboard submissions
> via "testsuite.cmake" or a novel and improved script only.
> We could even auto-generate such scripts for experimental builds while
> running CMake.
> - Hauke

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