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On Sun, 13 Feb 2011, Hauke Heibel wrote:

I tried to improve the dashboard submissions such that they can be
performed without downloading extra scripts and without being required
to execute/manipulate complicated shell scripts.

I don't know ctest/cdash that well. From your comments, I get the impression that in the Windows IDE you get automatically an Experimental (or something like that) target which submits the tests to the dashboard. Any idea how it is supposed to work with Unix make?

It is working right now for Windows and I attached a patch but I don't
recall at all why we ever defined EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL for the "test"
target!? Does anybody remember?

That has been there from before my time, but isn't it because otherwise all the test programs are built when you do 'make' or 'make install' and that takes a very long time?


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