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2011/2/19 Hauke Heibel <hauke.heibel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> I spend lots of time investigating the issue and found no solution. ;(
> Gael's patch does not help since "msbuild" does not allow to define
> multiple targets and the "all" target is always defined. So right now,
> building the test through the "Experimental" or "Nightly" targets does
> completely fail on msvc. In that regard, our previous solution was a
> bit better but it was a good idea and it works for make-file
> generators.
> I also investigated using the new "scripting" style of CMake. That's
> promising because it allows to do something like this
>  ctest_build(TARGET buildtests)
> which would use the target "buildtests" for running and building the tests.
> I even tried to alter the ctest command via
> ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/exp_suite.cmake)
> in order to be able to use the new scripting functionality to trigger
> building the correct target. Also a "fail" because the scripting
> requires me to specify whether we are running an "Experimental" or
> "Nightly" build and I cannot alter the CMAKE_CTEST_COMMAND per target.

OK, sorry I have not at all followed this conversation at all, just
replying to this isolated points:

> There seem to be only two solutions left ...
> 1) Reactivate the ALL target and include the tests.

We don't want to do that by default as that means that people could no
longer just do 'make install' and have it complete in a fraction of a

However, we already have a non-default option


> 2) Remove the DartConfiguration.tcl and allow dashboard submissions
> via "testsuite.cmake" or a novel and improved script only.
> We could even auto-generate such scripts for experimental builds while
> running CMake.
> - Hauke

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