Re: [eigen] Eigen2 to Eigen3 Migration Path

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2011/1/14 Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Great to see a solution on the horizon. Now we need to implement it. I
> filed a bug:
> I marked it as blocking 3.0, as it doesn't really need to be tested in
> a beta. Could even not block 3.0 actually, but I have a feeling that
> that can be implemented quickly.

I have started implementing this. EIGEN2_SUPPORT is already expanded
as of today, the Eigen2 test suite has been imported into Eigen3, and
can be enabled with the CMake option EIGEN_TEST_EIGEN2, after which
you can do:
  make buildtests_eigen2
  make check_eigen2
(I'm going to make standard targets depend on them too, when
EIGEN_TEST_EIGEN2 is defined).

Currently, only some core functionality tests compile.


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