Re: [eigen] new tutorial on writing functions taking Eigen types as paramters

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2010/8/5 Hauke Heibel <hauke.heibel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 2:16 PM, Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> There are 2 different things here:
>>  - the fact that operator* has a really different meaning on matrices
>> and on arrays, is of course wanted.
>>  - but the fact that .matrix() fails on a matrix is not wanted, IMO.
>> It's just that we forgot to add a trivial .matrix() there (of course
>> just returning reference to *this) and likewise, add trivial .array()
>> on array expressions.
> AFAIK, I introduced Matrix::matrix() already quite some time ago for
> other expressions I don't know.

I checked, we do have MatrixBase::matrix() which is the Right Thing.


> Regarding my first post I was once again too hasty. I did not properly
> replace everything by Array but left the RowVecotrXf declaration as
> RowVectorXf which does not play nicely with array unless you call
> .array() or use an array.
>> Looking back at this page I see a few more places that have room for
>> improvement:
>> 1) the first Array example,
>>    std::cout << "max: " << (a.max(b)).maxCoeff() << std::endl;
>> is a bit not-real-world. How about just taking 1 parameter 'a' and
>> doing a.abs().maxCoeff() ? This is definitely array-specific.
>> 2) the phrase "simple functions" (used to mean "function taking a
>> plain Matrix argument") is not precise/explicit enough, and gives the
>> impression that Eigen is something complicated in which simple things
>> don't work! Why not e.g. "When does passing plain Matrix arguments
>> fail?"
>> 3) the section "How to resize matrices in generic implementations?": two things:
>>  - since you want to write about this, why not just introduce the
>> base class DenseStorageBase? It is the base class for Matrix and Array
>> i.e. anything that is a plain object as opposed to an abstract
>> expression, hence can be resized. DenseStorageBase inherits either
>> MatrixBase or ArrayBase, depending on the XprKind of the Derived type.
>>  - The title itself,  "How to resize matrices in generic
>> implementations?" is not precise enough, why not e.g. "How to write
>> functions resizing generic arguments" ?
> I will make those changes when I find more time.
> - Hauke

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