Re: [eigen] Re: proposal: call the Geometry module experimental

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2009/1/23 Gael Guennebaud <gael.guennebaud@xxxxxxxxx>:
> yes I agree the current Scaling is somewhat limited. What about the
> following proposal:
> 1 - rename Translation TranslationProxy and slit Scaling in
> UniformScaling, AxisAlignedScaling and GenericScaling.

I'm not favorable to GenericScaling. What is a GenericScaling? it's
just a self-adjoint matrix. The two notions are equivalent (hint:
diagonalize your selfadjoint matrix, now it looks like a scaling...)
If people want to multiply a transform by a GenericScaling they should
just multiply by that matrix.

> 2 - Add the global functions Translation and Scaling which would
> auto-magically instanciate the correct proxy type.

Aaaah this is the definitive solution. Decouple the actual class from
the name that the user sees.
Then if you add the Proxy suffix for translation for coherence we
should add it to the scaling types too?


Can a Native English Speaker (tm) here tell us how good/bad
AxisAlignedScaling sounds? The same usage of the word Aligned can also
be found in our AlignedBox class. It is meant as "oriented along the
standard axes". Is that correct?

Can we say that the very existence of this discussion is a good reason
to mark the whole Geometry module as experimental?
(Still doing our best to preserve compatibility for existing projects) ?


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