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George Foot wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 03, 2000 at 03:32:39PM +1000, Peter Wang wrote:
> > It's nice to at least give Shawn the chance to look things over
> > before applying a patch, but to relieve the pressure off him, I
> > think we should give SourceForge/CVS a try.  I just don't want to
> > be the one making a bad commit :-)
> Hehe.  It doesn't really matter if you do, though, because CVS
> uses RCS to track all past versions of a file.  If I committed
> some garbage today, wiping out all of AllegroGL, I could just
> update my tree to the state as of yesterday, or any date I
> specify.

Interrelated patches make it a little harder to back up in case of
serious problems but as long as the coders are conscientious I don't
think it's a large problem.

Yet Shawn represents the most possible conscientious patch system
available.  He's even got a bug tracking system; I say there's a bug and
then I say it again a few weeks later.  All we need to do is reduce this
down time when shawnd has to serve external processes.

I'm not sure that CVS is appropriate for this sort of project.  It
wouldn't hurt to try, though -- Shawn could keep his normal business
working for awhile to see how the CVS works out: better than before,
about the same, or worse.

Sourceforge.  Independent consolidated.  Creepy.  Oh well.  I will
become one, with the Borg.

> CVS also has a tagging system, with which you can tag files with
> codes, then retrieve the tagged version later on.  I used this
> to mark all the alpha-5 files, i.e. those that went into the
> alpha-5 distribution.  When I want to release alpha 6, I update
> my tree, tag it, and commit that, then zip it up as normal.
> Later on you pass an option to the `update' command and it
> retrieves the tagged version.

I've heard rumors that you can get a similar effect with "tar".  :-)

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