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Recently I moved AllegroGL to SourceForge, which provides free
hosting for opensource projects and a range of optional services,
including a CVS root.  After playing with CVS very briefly, it
seems a great system and I'm wondering why we still aren't using
it. :)

There was a lot of positive discussion about it last year, but
Shawn suggested that things were moving around too much for it
to work well in CVS.  More recently he suggested using it again,
if someone would set it up, to take away the importance of WIP
releases -- there wouldn't be any hurry any more because anyone
who wants to can checkout the latest up-to-date version using

The only standing issue I can think of is that there's no
networked DOS version of CVS.  There is a Win32 version, though,
and in any case, SET explained that people without a networking
CVS can still use it for local version control and send patches
to another maintainer for commiting.  That's really equivalent
to them using the current system though, downloading the latest
WIP and working from that.  That would still be possible, of
course -- if we start using CVS, I think we should take care not
to alienate any developers because of that!

If most people approve, then, I can register Allegro at
SourceForge, add various people as admins and developers, and
start keeping an up-to-date CVS tree there.  People posting
patches here would have to indicate whether it had already been
added to CVS or not, and people commiting CVS changes should
still post patches here -- the idea there is that people who
want to keep using `diff' to make patches and `patch' to apply
them can go ahead, while other people can use CVS instead.

SourceForge has many other facilities too -- web site hosting
(we already have two, but maybe it would be worth adding another
mirror), mailing lists (no, I don't think we need any more!),
discussion forums, and they'll store all past releases in all
formats, if we choose to upload them.  They also have a bug
tracking system and task management, but I haven't used those

Please let me know what you all think about this.  I won't
register it without Shawn's direct consent, obviously, but
everybody else matters too.  If you want more information about
SourceForge, the base webpage is here:


To see how a project works (heh, if I set it up properly...), go
to the AllegroGL project page:


(or follow the `SourceForge' link from the website below).


Random project update:
31/03/2000: AllegroGL is now being hosted by SourceForge:

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