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On Mon, Apr 03, 2000 at 03:32:39PM +1000, Peter Wang wrote:
> Seems every 5 line shell script is moving to SourceForge, though not
> without good reason.  Centralised *anything* makes me squeamish --
> maybe I'm just paranoid. :-)

I know what you mean, but so long as the boats don't get burned
there can't be any problem.  Besides, if VA-Linux did do
anything immoral then they'd get a somewhat bad reputation,
since a number of large and important projects (like Mesa3D and
Utah-GLX) are hosted there.

BTW, I registered Libnet there and got the confirmation this
morning. :)  I hope you don't mind that!

> Yes, there still needs to be regular "official" releases.  Most
> people won't upgrade until some kind of announcement is made,
> especially if you need to download extra software just to do it
> (Windows users probably don't have CVS installed).

That's true, I hadn't though about the announcement bit.  At the
moment I run a "cvs update" command in my AllegroGL directory to
bring it up to date each time I connect; it's not much hassle,
but I can see that many people would prefer an announcement and
list of changes. :)

> > SourceForge has many other facilities too -- web site hosting
> > (we already have two, but maybe it would be worth adding another
> > mirror), mailing lists (no, I don't think we need any more!),
> Tom said he needed to get Allegro off Canvaslink.  If that's not
> sorted out yet...

I think he's already sorted that out.  This is a small part of
the reason I'm moving my projects away from Canvaslink --
they're tiny compared to Allegro, but I wouldn't want to cause
any more trouble.

> It's nice to at least give Shawn the chance to look things over
> before applying a patch, but to relieve the pressure off him, I
> think we should give SourceForge/CVS a try.  I just don't want to
> be the one making a bad commit :-)

Hehe.  It doesn't really matter if you do, though, because CVS
uses RCS to track all past versions of a file.  If I committed
some garbage today, wiping out all of AllegroGL, I could just
update my tree to the state as of yesterday, or any date I

CVS also has a tagging system, with which you can tag files with
codes, then retrieve the tagged version later on.  I used this
to mark all the alpha-5 files, i.e. those that went into the
alpha-5 distribution.  When I want to release alpha 6, I update
my tree, tag it, and commit that, then zip it up as normal.
Later on you pass an option to the `update' command and it
retrieves the tagged version.


Random project update:
19/03/2000: Libnet 0.10.6 uploaded -- bugfixes and new features, of course!  (try changes-0.10.6.txt)

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