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thanks by the way for restoring camera and edge stuff.
I can imagine that drifted layers are a bit hard, but offer great abilities for game design (elevator stuff and so) It could in my view support the following: drift angle (eventually a span in between it varies), drift speed -> drift variation (that means not constant scroll speed, but slightly faster or slower, dependent on a seed factor =>sand storm stuff)

About the list: There are some levels that could be included, but I dont think that there will be 30, more like 10, 20 levels I think. Do you want to make a complete new pack, or put them among the other packs (dependent on skill level)?

Btw release early release often is really right, but xmoto has atm reached a quality level that is some kind of high, and it are these things disturbing that impression ;). Just my view.

You gave no feedback about the sprites yet, will there be a xmoto-theme in 0.3.0?


me i am wrote:

about the drifted layers, it far more complicated that it seems at first...
so it's posponed to the next version.

and the multiplayers mode is still more a proof of concept than a real
playable game at the moment.

and as someone says one day:
"Release Early, Release Often"

but, it would be great to update the levels available with the game
(with 20 or 30 levels in a new pack)

gaivota, do you want to update the list ?

but, as nicolas want to release it before friday, the new levels will
be included in the 0.3.1 (with the bug fixes of the 0.3.0).

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No, none of them is an important point. 0.3.0 has been in preparation from a
long time. If we do all the TODO, it will be never out.
It has been decide with tod this morning. He has only one point to fix (the 4th
camera in 3 players mode) and i release 0.3.0
Note that 0.3.1 will exist, you can do what you want for it.


Quoting Jens <mothbox@xxxxxxx>:

> Here are some points that seem important for me to be in 0.3.0:
> o drifted layers (imagine (sand)storm or rain (snow) effects in levels!)
> o 2 player mode : message for the winner
> gaivota

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