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    Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 12:11:49 +0200
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Here are some points that seem important for me to be in 0.3.0:

o drifted layers (imagine (sand)storm or rain (snow) effects in levels!)
o 2 player mode : message for the winner
o several joypad (currently, joypack is available only for player 1)
o PAD_5 -> to finish zoom
o camera: It would be nice, that if you zoom in, the camera remains
attached to the player, and not to a virtual point
o script : disable a key (brake for example, ...)
o two options for music : menu and ingame
	(in case of ingame I'd suggest to give an option for assigning a
standard music for non-musical levels. I've some tracks in preparation,
that will be finished very soon)
o the NEW levels available must be drawn better (more into the
screen 			center, NEW must be bigger, colored)

These points seems relatively important to me as a user and gfx, sound
guy ;).
Further I ll make a better driving sound, but i'll take some more time,
as I don't have an own bike anymore and must wait for sbd else's.


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