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sry I didn't sent the last version of my level( the graphics are different, too ).
I've got two questions:
first:"Why do you accept levels like 'Loopy cave' ? You can't finish it!!!"
second:"I've finished "Shahuras Level3". THen the game shut down :(.
        Why do I have the replay, but when I play the not finished level
        it is there, too???"

Thank You. 
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Datum: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 11:06:33 +0200
Von: Jens <mothbox@xxxxxxx>
An: Alexander.Dueck@xxxxxxx
Betreff: xmoto level

> Hi,
> theres a problem with your level: I cant find out how to finish it, 
> because even after collecting all strawberrys, no flower appears.
> Btw, the parcour is nice and challenging, but the graphics could still 
> be improved. Please do this and re-upload the level.
> best regards, gaivota

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