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Gaivota, what about using the xmoto-dev list ?

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Oh sorry, I was unaware of this. It should have been on the dev list,

Well one can argue about importance of several points, but at the end it
depends on how long it will take to the next release.

This multiplayer thing is nice, and one of the main features of 0.3.0,
but atm, it looks more like a construction site than a correct realization.
I ll explain:
 From the point of an USER, its not clear why theres no headcrash sound
for the first player crashing. Is still unfinished.
Next point: the second player is not the first one is not the third one etc.
If you finish a level, theres really no consequence, even no finishing
sound. It should at LEAST display "Player one" wins.
Appropriate for xmoto would be the necessesary creation for a second
player profile, with own name, and own scores.
The multiplayer scores have no conseqences for the high score table.
So it remains a nice idea, but it won't stick the user to keep on
playing with this.
A pointing system with competitions on several to be chosen levels would
be appropriate (but thats REALLY for the future).

Next thing is the bike for the second player, Its just darkened, which
does not look nice and also shows that its somehow unfinished.
I could create differently colored sprites if you like, for improving
that point.

Than there must really be the possibility to use 2 joysticks or
keyboard/joystick, to keep at least a basic 2 player ability.

Thats why I vote for finishing at least the multiplayer stuff to a more
clear game mode. Atm its a nice addon, but not really cool.

And the drawing bug that can be seen on various levels is in my view
rather important, because it affects gameplay.

Just my 2 cents (or even some more)


PS: I ll try to think over multiplayer mode and create some schemes on
how to realize competitions and so.

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> the dev one. I forward the emails on the dev list.
> Nicolas

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