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> Everybody have been "banned" from acces to the main server to avoid
> hard rebooting and keep Tank running the sites. That sais your are not
> banned, you just dont have root access anymore but can do all what you
> want in a chroot. Sorry but installing cooking package on Tank was not
> a good idea.

True, but we loose access to /home/slitaz in the process; godane backed
packages & sources on a daily basis so he was able to recreate a
cooking environment - loosing it was essentially the cause of my
angryness, now I feel better; but we don't have backup for cooklogs. Few
days ago you asked for mirroring the packages on, but
actually we can't sync with it. So, back to the previous situation:
mirror on godane people account.

About the positive side: we can play in a system based on thoses
"not-so-experimental" packages... The tool itself is maybe
(less and less) experimental but the current cooking wok provide pretty
stable packages.

> Hum... did you thank me or anyone else for all the work these last 5
> years ? Can you imagine all the work that have been done untill now ?

Sure I did, and I can do it again: thanks you all for theses amazing
piece of code & docs you released & release. That's free :)

> I can understand you, I'was sometime frustrated by no feedback, what I
> learded is that a few mount of work is not inuff to get good feedback,
> your must be patient.
> ... one more time "experimental"... you not banned, we just ask you to
> provide the equivalent features of existing tools before using the
> "experimental" tools for the next stable version. Each time I add a new
> tool (tazbb is there for only 1 year and a half), it'was well tested on
> my local machine before it was use to build packages used by our users.
> Please dont be so angry. With this kind of afirmation you not fear, you
> put quiet a lot of mess in the wok and tools and now goodbye. You put
> the full project in trouble if you stop now.
> I didn't investigate your new tools due to a lack of time, but I never
> stop you coding or reject any ideas, you have your own HG repos, full
> tank access, etc. I'm looking nearly everyday your commit and I'm
> happy to see so many new features and improvment I dont want you to
> stop anything but you must think to evryone involve and the project and
> can't go ahead like you want.
> You complain about missing communication, next time you want to change
> the way we worked these last 5 years, please sent a mail on the list
> before, explain your wishes and be patient!
> You know is difficult to make everyone happy, more SliTaz evolute and
> more developers we are. I dont like this situation and dont want to
> stop you in your rush, I just want all of us working togetter for the
> best of SliTaz.
> - Christophe

Working ISO based on current wok, cooked using tazwok-experimental &
tazlito exists, I'm pretty sure that we can release RC or something like
that this week based on current experimental status. 

To resume the stuff we need, if possible:
* A copy of the cooklogs from /home/slitaz/experimental/log
* Possibility to send packages & iso to
* Please link /home/slitaz/chroot/var/www/vhosts/bb
to /var/www/vhosts/bb/experimental to make me able to make a php
buildbot interface reachable from internet at I'm currently working on this
interface and will need help from a php expert to make it able to
support several repositories at a same time (not just cooking/stable;
the goal is open the possibility to add support for
undigest/backport/wok-tiny repositories easily; the list of $version
avaible is stored in a file).

About cronjob to cook packages: actually we are the cookbot, a bot
command will be added soon into tazwok-experimental to perform
automatically all maintaining tasks (get commits, cook commits &
missing, update repository, optionnaly update mirror).

GoKhlaYeh <gokhlayeh@xxxxxxxxxx>

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