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> To resume the stuff we need, if possible:
> * A copy of the cooklogs from /home/slitaz/experimental/log

/home/slitaz/experimental is moved to chroot:/home/slitaz/experimental.ORG

> * Possibility to send packages & iso to

gokhlayeh belong to slitaz group. slitaz group has write access to the iso

> * Please link /home/slitaz/chroot/var/www/vhosts/bb
> to /var/www/vhosts/bb/experimental to make me able to make a php
> buildbot interface reachable from internet at
> I'm currently working on this
> interface and will need help from a php expert to make it able to
> support several repositories at a same time (not just cooking/stable;
> the goal is open the possibility to add support for
> undigest/backport/wok-tiny repositories easily; the list of $version
> avaible is stored in a file). works now.

Current build bot sources are here:


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