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I plan on releasing a new modular-slitaz iso this weekend. It will have a mirror of all hg repos. This may help if tank goes down cause of the move to new server. I have all experimental packages and sources .tar.lzma in my people account and i also have them backup locally.

We only take about 2.2gb with both packages and sources. Also the experimental repo on mirror is about half way done. We have just over 1500+ packages.The libsdl still will need to be updated for opengl work. It need libglu-mesa to be installed inorder for libsdl to be configured for opengl. The good news is now we will know what package needs what instead of installing everything to see what sticks to it.

The experimental repo we have on mirror:

Newer packages will be going here since i don't have access to mirror:

Here are the sources that are recompressed to .tar.lzma now:

I hope this helps.

PS I do echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches now to free memory.
On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 10:52 PM, Christophe Lincoln <pankso@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> > The main problem is the build bot now. I think SliTaz 4.0 will be
> > delayed for months:
> Why? You probably have argument to affirm that.

Untill now we freezed (no update, just fixes) the wok 3 mouth before
stable release and make 2-3 iso to let users test. How can we do that
now ? I wanted to make a new cooking from january, but I can't, your
new packages builded by tazwok-experimental are not available for

And "experimental" mean what is means no ? Far of stable.

> > WE NEED urgently a web page to know the packages building state.
> > SliTaz cannot rely on one (or two) user(s) using obscure tools in
> > there home directory !
> Have you ever test it ? Have you ever red the mail where I explain the
> changes between tazwok and this hacked version ? Is tazwok an obscure
> tool for you ?

You right, it's also my case. It's because I dont have time to
investigate new tools just before a new stable release.

> > 1- give all necessary informations to update sections
> > (summary, report, cooklist, unbuilt, corrupted, blocked, last cooked
> > packages, last removed packages, last cooked flavors ...) and to
> > build a cron bot.
> I already send you a mail with details about setup bb according new
> files path; I'm not gonna update bb as you banned me from tank; I'm
> not gonna built a cron bot or anything for same reason; and if you
> red my previous answer to your questions and commands you know that
> tazwok cook-commit can help you.

Everybody have been "banned" from acces to the main server to avoid
hard rebooting and keep Tank running the sites. That sais your are not
banned, you just dont have root access anymore but can do all what you
want in a chroot. Sorry but installing cooking package on Tank was not
a good idea.

> Let me be honnest,
> Since 3.0 release I migrate a large part of the docs to new wiki,
> spend a lot of time to make new Xorg works on SliTaz and rework most
> of receipts of xorg&related, finished the translation of tazpkg and  I
> worked on an improved tazwok which is **actually** able to recook
> SliTaz from scratch, understand, list and sort build depends and
> usable to compile the distro somewhere else than on tank. Never heard
> a thanks, never receive an usage report, nothing... Not a problem for
> me, I do that because I want to, but communication is pretty limited
> here, and working alone has it's own obvious limits.

Hum... did you thank me or anyone else for all the work these last 5
years ? Can you imagine all the work that have been done untill now ?

I can understand you, I'was sometime frustrated by no feedback, what I
learded is that a few mount of work is not inuff to get good feedback,
your must be patient.

> All you are doing here is ensure the tools will never works fine by
> preventing us to works on them, you don't only ask :
> => Hey guys, if something goes wrong with your new tools ? What do we
> do ?
> You create this situation. So, what are you going to do now?
> Obviously the tools will never works on tank, as thoses who wants to
> make them works are banned and others don't care about.

... one more time "experimental"... you not banned, we just ask you to
provide the equivalent features of existing tools before using the
"experimental" tools for the next stable version. Each time I add a new
tool (tazbb is there for only 1 year and a half), it'was well tested on
my local machine before it was use to build packages used by our users.

> Why should I continue to works on SliTaz one second more if the
> result is see my works rejected by a guy who didn't tested it?
> Don't bother you, just say "I don't want to do anything constructive
> about you're effort to improve things and I don't care to make you
> waste you're time; you did an error, it's enought to ban you."; then
> you rollback the wok, you suppress my(or our) account in all tools
> and it's done.

Please dont be so angry. With this kind of afirmation you not fear, you
put quiet a lot of mess in the wok and tools and now goodbye. You put
the full project in trouble if you stop now.

I didn't investigate your new tools due to a lack of time, but I never
stop you coding or reject any ideas, you have your own HG repos, full
tank access, etc. I'm looking nearly everyday your commit and I'm
happy to see so many new features and improvment I dont want you to
stop anything but you must think to evryone involve and the project and
can't go ahead like you want.

You complain about missing communication, next time you want to change
the way we worked these last 5 years, please sent a mail on the list
before, explain your wishes and be patient!

You know is difficult to make everyone happy, more SliTaz evolute and
more developers we are. I dont like this situation and dont want to
stop you in your rush, I just want all of us working togetter for the
best of SliTaz.

- Christophe

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