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I've restored files from yesterday backup on tank...

Now each user (except bellard, erjo and pankso) lands in a chroot sandbox on
tank (and mirror BTW). I hope nobody will break SliTaz main servers anymore !

The main problem is the build bot now. I think SliTaz 4.0 will be delayed
for months:
WE NEED urgently a web page to know the packages building state.
SliTaz cannot rely on one (or two) user(s) using obscure tools in there
home directory !

1- give all necessary informations to update sections
(summary, report, cooklist, unbuilt, corrupted, blocked, last cooked
packages, last removed packages, last cooked flavors ...) and to build a
cron bot.

2- update, and /usr/share/doc documentation..

3- maintain old bb compatibility until 4.0 release in .tazpkg file.

We should be at the end of release tests, and we have no stable build
process yet !


> I reboot only when no one else was on it. I also checked with htop to make
> sure before i rebooted. It was mostly done to free up the ram so vm will
> not
> crash.
> I did have ssh access this week when just when down. It
> was
> best to reboot then or lost a day of hosting. It did work for a view days
> at
> least. I think i forgot to check the ram when build virtualbox-ose. I had
> to
> build it twice cause tazwok-experimental just forgot the variables for
> like
> $src and $WOK. First time i had that problem like that with the newer
> script.
> Anyway, I'm working on something like maybe local network mirror of
> slitaz.
> I started to look for ways to fix the website for local hosting on network
> loop. I also believe we should have a mirror of Even on
> like
> or bitbucket. This will allow a local copy of slitaz full
> docs
> website.
> I also have a iso of experimental working very good so far. I did have to
> fix libsdl to have opengl support since it depends libglu-mesa to
> enable/detect opengl. (I know another problem that wouldn't be on cooking
> tank. But at least we know what it depends on instead of throwing depends
> at
> a wall to see what sticks to it.)
> I'm very sorry for the problems i have cause.
> PS I'm hope if modular slitaz works right we can set it up has a failsafe
> for tank. We may need to make a module or two to get some of permissions
> right for host it but everything else can be in a changes folder on the
> hard
> drive. May save some of the headaches if there is a backup livecd in vm
> running instead of a hard drive image that could be screwed up if someone
> doesn't know what there doing. (Like me)
> On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 7:51 AM, Julien Rabier <taziden@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I don't know what you've done Christopher, but tank is quite messed up
>> right now ...
>> I think you should think twice before doing (stupid) things for now.
>> Like rebooting when you want, removing chroots, stopping compilations,
>> messing with bellard and pankso initial setup without telling someone
>> and without asking before.
>> Anyway, right now, I've managed to reboot it by myself but I cannot
>> login with ssh anymore.
>> VNC still working so the only one who can repair are pankso, bellard and
>> erjo I think.
>> I'm quite tired of this situation ... of this mess and of the lack of
>> communication.
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>> -----
>> Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2011 02:39:57 +0000
>> From: Christopher Rogers <slaxemulator@xxxxxxxxx>
>> To: taziden@xxxxxxxxxx
>> Subject: Tank needs a physical reboot
>>   Looks like tank needs a physical reboot. I was trying to reboot though
>> ssh
>>   but its not working. Also top and htop are not working too.
>>   I'm sorry about this. The only good news is tank is not down. Also
>>   Gokhlayeh thinks it maybe happening cause tazwok-experimental used -j5
>> on
>>   tank. He said it works fine on native hardware.
>>   PS I have fixed tank by myself these last few days by just reboot it
>> when
>>   ram start to have over 2gb+ used. So i have saved you from having to
>> fix
>>   this a few times at least.
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