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I reboot only when no one else was on it. I also checked with htop to make sure before i rebooted. It was mostly done to free up the ram so vm will not crash.

I did have ssh access this week when just when down. It was best to reboot then or lost a day of hosting. It did work for a view days at least. I think i forgot to check the ram when build virtualbox-ose. I had to build it twice cause tazwok-experimental just forgot the variables for like $src and $WOK. First time i had that problem like that with the newer script.

Anyway, I'm working on something like maybe local network mirror of slitaz. I started to look for ways to fix the website for local hosting on network loop. I also believe we should have a mirror of Even on like or bitbucket. This will allow a local copy of slitaz full docs website.

I also have a iso of experimental working very good so far. I did have to fix libsdl to have opengl support since it depends libglu-mesa to enable/detect opengl. (I know another problem that wouldn't be on cooking tank. But at least we know what it depends on instead of throwing depends at a wall to see what sticks to it.)

I'm very sorry for the problems i have cause.

PS I'm hope if modular slitaz works right we can set it up has a failsafe for tank. We may need to make a module or two to get some of permissions right for host it but everything else can be in a changes folder on the hard drive. May save some of the headaches if there is a backup livecd in vm running instead of a hard drive image that could be screwed up if someone doesn't know what there doing. (Like me)

On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 7:51 AM, Julien Rabier <taziden@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I don't know what you've done Christopher, but tank is quite messed up
right now ...

I think you should think twice before doing (stupid) things for now.
Like rebooting when you want, removing chroots, stopping compilations,
messing with bellard and pankso initial setup without telling someone
and without asking before.

Anyway, right now, I've managed to reboot it by myself but I cannot
login with ssh anymore.

VNC still working so the only one who can repair are pankso, bellard and
erjo I think.

I'm quite tired of this situation ... of this mess and of the lack of

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Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2011 02:39:57 +0000
From: Christopher Rogers <slaxemulator@xxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Tank needs a physical reboot

  Looks like tank needs a physical reboot. I was trying to reboot though ssh
  but its not working. Also top and htop are not working too.

  I'm sorry about this. The only good news is tank is not down. Also
  Gokhlayeh thinks it maybe happening cause tazwok-experimental used -j5 on
  tank. He said it works fine on native hardware.

  PS I have fixed tank by myself these last few days by just reboot it when
  ram start to have over 2gb+ used. So i have saved you from having to fix
  this a few times at least.

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