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> > Ok so let me know wat I need to do on tank to use new tools in the
> > defaut cooking chroot to rebuill all packages. I will set-up the
> > enviroment (shoul be Simple... Light...) and then the build bot
> > will do the job when dev commit in the wok and I dont need to give
> > root access to anyone on Tank... even Pascal (he is also a
> > dangerous guy :-)
> Here's how I will do (I will recook whole repository from last
> experimental packages to minimize risks of failure).
> Here's how I may do if I had to setup this server.
> Maybe I can put the code into tazchroot to make it automatic.
> This code can be used by everybody to setup an experimental cooking
> environnment from a non-experimental SliTaz system... a possibility I
> didn't think about :D
> First, you need to setup an experimental sandbox to have last tools
> available (tazwok/libtaz/tazpkg).
> # Temporaly use experimental to install the sandbox.
> sandbox=/home/sandbox
> tazpkg setup-mirror
> tazpkg get-install busybox --root=$sanbox
> tazpkg get-install libtaz --root=$sandbox
> tazpkg get-install tazpkg --root=$sandbox
> tazpkg get-install tazwok --root=$sandbox
> cp -a /etc/resolv.conf  $sandbox/resolv.conf
> # Switch back to stable repository.
> tazpkg setup-mirror
> # You probably want to mount /home/slitaz into the chroot
> mkdir $sandbox/home/slitaz
> mount /home/slitaz $sandbox/home/slitaz
> # Enter in the sandbox.
> chroot $sandbox
> # All the following commands should be run into the sandbox.
> # By default MAKEFLAGS is set to number of cpu +1, but on a server
> # providing other services than cook it's better to use number of
> # cpu. (important)
> sed '/^MAKEFLAGS/ s/+1//' -i /etc/slitaz/tazwok.conf
> # Create the cooking chroot and cook the last version of tools
> # (important)
> tazpkg recharge
> tazwok chroot
> 	# Now you are in the cooking environnment (order is important)
> 	tazwok cook libtaz
> 	tazwok cook tazwok-experimental
> 	tazwok cook tazpkg
> 	tazwok cook tazchroot
> 	exit
> # Make tazpkg use the local repository.
> tazpkg setup-mirror /home/slitaz/experimental/packages
> tazpkg add-undigest
> experimental-incoming /home/slitaz/experimental/packages-incoming
> # The packages you just cook are into packages-incoming,
> # we need them so temporaly prioritize packages-incoming repository.
> echo experimental-incoming > /var/lib/tazpkg/priority
> # Install the new version of tools. (libtaz first is important)
> tazpkg get-install libtaz
> tazpkg get-install tazpkg
> tazpkg get-install tazwok-experimental
> tazpkg get-install tazchroot
> # Remove the priority on experimental-incoming
> rm /var/lib/tazpkg/priority
> # The sandbox is setted up :)

HUm... not so simple... imagine Im just a user

To setup current tazbb and chroot environment I did:

# tazpkg get-install slitaz-dev-tools tazbb
# tazdev gen-chroot
# tazdev chroot
# tazpkg get-install tazbb mercurial
# cd /home/slitaz/hg && hg clone
# tazbb cook-all

Please make experimental tools a bit easier :-)

That said I'm not sure we need to rebuild toolchain each time since
package are build on the same host with the same libs. But when we
rebuild everything from sratch is better to build all base-package once
and then rebuild them a second time.

> After:
> Do you have the backup of experimental repository ?


> Do you want to recook all from scratch immediatly or no ?


> I ask this because it's possible to re-create the experimental
> repository using only the package (it contains all the necessary stuff
> to regenerate lists and determine precisely from which changes has
> been commited since last cook etc...)

I know but I think we should start a clean build from scratch because
we have a new build host ans spec.

> Also, do you have the backup of .tar.lzma sources ? (usefull in all
> cases - some WGET_URL doesn't works anymore)

Yes there should be a backup on mirror.

> GoKhlaYeh <gokhlayeh@xxxxxxxxxx>

- Christophe

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