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|> |No mkinitrd, not realy simple and for what ? 
|> i'm a noob, so wouldn't know much details about difficulties of
|> mkinitrd, but one good thing i noticed about xfs is that
|> it takes only 24 mb of space for filesystem on a 48 gig partition.
|> as opposed to that ext3 takes some 937 MB !!!!
|> these numbers are even before slitaz is installed.
|> (not to mention the superfast booting and general operation of xfs
|> and the online resizing feature.) so, keeping with the minimalist
|> philosophy of Slitaz, i would think that xfs is a better choice,
|> maybe ... ? 
|Yes, XFS is a fs of choice and seems to fit SliTaz.
|> so, if not mkinitrd, it might be worthwhile considering
|> incorporating it in future kernel versions, maybe ... ? then there
|> would be no need for mkinitrd, right ... ?
|Yes we must consider xfs incorporation and yes, no need of mkinitrd id
|JFS in build-in the Kernel. Including xfs and the tools would meen:
|linux-xfs- - 184 Kb
|xfsprogs-2.9.8-1   - 1.2 Mb
|(maybe we can split and strip down xfsprogs)

i'm glad to hear all this ...
i have a question:
does both of   "linux-xfs (module) +  xfsprogs"  go into  "initrd.gz"  IF i can make an appropriate mkinitrd  script?
or is just xfs module enough?
because i have modified a little mkinitrd script i found on the web, and it seems to work fine in making initrd.gz
also, before i ask it to make the initrd, i ask it to lzma the xfs.ko.gz.
i run:
lzma xfs.ko.gz  xfs.ko
and it does create xfs.ko.
the question is: is this enough? or do need to further cpio or something to actuall get the final ELF (module)file to put in the initrd ?

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